A fully decentralized and non-custodial cryptocurrency processing built with sophisticated audited smart contract logic and provides unique features and absolute security.
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A fully integrated suite of payments products
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The easiest way to get paid
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Flexible billing logic for sophisticated use-cases
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Accept crypto deposits directly to your customers internal balances
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Pay customers, suppliers or partners virtually any place in the world
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Easily start a fundraising campaign on your website
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Fully Decentralized & Non-custodial
The SMARTy payment protocol is fully decentralized, enabling maximum control over merchants assets. The solution is designed in a way where almost every step of payment flow is controlled by smart-contracts logic located on the blockchain.

Given that there is no central trusted party between a customer and a merchant that can fail or somehow block the flow of funds.

Service can operate almost autonomously as long as the blockchain network is working correctly.
Crypto Market Size
The number of crypto users globally doubled in early 2022 to
Over 300 Million
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No one will determine your e-commerce turnover from the block explorer
Many crypto processing solutions available on the market are prone to a drawback when the turnover of a particular merchant could be easily calculated and revealed by analyzing public block explorer data. This can be undesirable for many merchants since they are willing not to reveal that data to their competitors on the market.

Using our solution total turnover is mixed between merchants, and it is not an easy task to distinguish between payments to different merchants for a third-party observer.
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Almost every stage of the payment flow is controlled by smart contract logic deployed on the blockchain. There is no central trusted party between buyer and seller that can fail or block transactions in any way, thus ensuring the autonomy of the service.
What’s more:
Gasless Payments
Merchants can enable gasless payments by leveraging meta-transactions to sponsor all gas for their customers. SMARTy powerful API remove many of the complexities that are inherent to Web3 applications by providing gasless meta transactions.

This means that end users can make transactions and interact with merchants without worrying about gas and have the ability to pay gas fees in different tokens.
Accept crypto on multiple networks
SMARTy Pay enables your e-commerce to easily accept crypto payments regardless of the type of blockchain network your customers are willing to use. Your customers could have their funds available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, or another network.

We will do all the heavy lifting like processing on the corresponding network, swapping on DEXes, and securely storing collected payments for you in the token of your choice.
Supported Networks
Based on various aspects and factors it may be feasible to choose one blockchain network over another. Our solution works seamlessly on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum.
Know what you’ll pay
Do you want to accept payments in crypto in a decentralized, censorship- and fraud-resistant way? We are providing innovative, blockchain-based solutions to do so.

It's easy to integrate and easy to use.
No additional fees
Feature that will make your life easier
A special smart contract wallet is built into the standard SMARTy payment page, which allows you to quickly create an address on the blockchain and refill it for those users who use this payment method for the first time.

This wallet does not require users to memorize a long seed phrase, instead allows them to log in in the usual way – via Google Account or email, and make a payment as quickly as posible.
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Advantages for merchants
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Decentralized payment solution
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Complete anonymity of the turnover of connected merchants
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Easily reach users who do not
yet have a crypto-wallet
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Low fees
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Extended pool of payment methods: invoice, recharge and subscription
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Access to users of non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask, Ledger, Binance Wallet, TrustWallet and others
Advantages for users
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Easily fill up your crypto wallet using integrated on-ramp services.
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Pay without commissions that can incur for gas.
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Pay with third-party non-custodial wallets for advanced users.
More questions?
Can I experiment with the service on a TestNet?
Sure! Just sign up for a regular merchant account. After you finish the onboarding process, you can enable test tokens in the Settings section and create sample invoices using those tokens. Plus, in the dashboard UI header, you can always switch networks so that our UI will reflect data from the corresponding network only.
How do I apply for a merchant account?
To apply for a SMARTy merchant account, please navigate to our sign-up page. After you verify your email and finish a quick onboarding process, you will be able to log in to your merchant account. During the onboarding process, SMARTy will create a special seed phase for you. This seed phase will be required to withdraw processed funds from the system. Please, keep it in a safe place.
What fees will I pay to use SMARTy Pay for payment processing?
0.3% Processing Fee. SMARTy's payment processing service for merchants has a simple pricing plan - just a 0.3% processing fee. This fee will be charged during the withdrawal process. For example, if your customer pays a 100 USD invoice, the invoice price (100 USD) will be credited to your merchant ledger, then a 0.3% fee (0.3 USD) will be debited when you decide to withdraw funds from the SMARTy Pay smart contract.
What can a merchant do via the Admin Dashboard?
Merchants can manage invoices, balances, and notifications from the merchant dashboard. Plus, we’ve added some analytics and reports for your convenience. If you need any other tools, please feel free to contact us via email. We’re happy to help.
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