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What’s included with SMARTy Pay integrated per-transaction pricing
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Set up seamless payment flows
  • Invoicing
  • Subscriptions / Recurring payments
  • Push payments
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One tool for worldwide payments
  • Multiple blockchain networks
  • Instant token swaps
  • Internalization support
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Iron-clad security and meticulous compliance
  • Non-custodial and decentralized
  • Customizable permissions
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Fast, reliable payouts
  • Control payout timing
  • Payout API
  • Secure and reliable
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Easy financial reporting
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Report scheduling
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Handle business processes from a single dashboard
  • View the full picture
  • Perform actions from the dashboard
  • Manage access to collegues
More questions?
Can I experiment with the service on a TestNet?
Sure! Just sign up for a regular merchant account. After you finish the onboarding process, you can enable test tokens in the Settings section and create sample invoices using those tokens. Plus, in the dashboard UI header, you can always switch networks so that our UI will reflect data from the corresponding network only.
How do I apply for a merchant account?
To apply for a SMARTy merchant account, please navigate to our sign-up page. After you verify your email and finish a quick onboarding process, you will be able to log in to your merchant account. During the onboarding process, SMARTy will create a special seed phase for you. This seed phase will be required to withdraw processed funds from the system. Please, keep it in a safe place.
What fees will I pay to use SMARTy Pay for payment processing?
0.3% Processing Fee. SMARTy's payment processing service for merchants has a simple pricing plan - just a 0.3% processing fee. This fee will be charged during the withdrawal process. For example, if your customer pays a 100 USD invoice, the invoice price (100 USD) will be credited to your merchant ledger, then a 0.3% fee (0.3 USD) will be debited when you decide to withdraw funds from the SMARTy Pay smart contract.
What can a merchant do via the Admin Dashboard?
Merchants can manage invoices, balances, and notifications from the merchant dashboard. Plus, we’ve added some analytics and reports for your convenience. If you need any other tools, please feel free to contact us via email. We’re happy to help.
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